Petr Dezort

Coach (2nd Class), 6 yrs coaching experience, 12 yrs professional player,

30 yrs playing tennis


Playing achievements: 

200 ATP singles, 140 ATP doubles

Participant of all Grand Slam tournaments, many-time Czech Champion

Formerly represented his country, Extra league player for 15 yrs 

Players defeated:

Davydenko, Kuerten, Ancic, Pozzi, Siemerink, Novák, Ulihrach...    

Coaching successes: 

Ch. Skamlova - 1st place in the European Championship 16 & Under, doubles. 1st place in tha Slovak Championships 18 & Under 

R. Kučerková – 3rd place in the European Junior Championships 18 & Under, doubles. Current Nr. 1 in US College tennis, doubles

D. Kaňáková – 2nd place in the Czech Championships 18 & Under

R. Kuricova - 1st place Slovak Championship  16 & Under

D. Šeděnková – 1st place in the Czech Championships, Women’s doubles

A. Dvořáková – 1st place in the Czech Championships 12 & Under, singles and doubles

J. Štaubert – 3rd place in the Czech Championships 14 & Under, singles

Head Coach National Training Centre North Moravia                            

Coach for categories: 

Adults and juniors 




English, Russian, German, Serbian 


Trekking, MTB

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